About Align Voteā„¢

Align Vote lets you make smart voters guides. These voters guides are fun to use and help clarify where voters might agree and disagree with candidates.

For civic organizations, Align Vote can help with Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and awareness-raising efforts, by enabling a viral, sharable element to the election. The smart voters guides are simple to create, can be embedded in your own website, shared via QR codes, texting or email campaigns and more, and more... and they require no coding.

For candidates, participating in an Align Vote survey gives you a chance to get your messages, logo, campaign website and links across, right when voting decisions are being made. But only if you've answered the questions.

Align Vote is about transparency. It's a matchmaking survey platform that lets media and civic organizations quickly spin-up voter-candidate matchmakers.

Align Vote made its debut in the 2019 Seattle City Council race, and was available again in the City Council, City Attorney and Mayoral races of 2021. Align Vote has delivered more than 60,000 voter-candidate matches. Now in version 3.0, we've taken lessons learned from these elections and are making Align Vote available to any organization that wants to use it.