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Raise awareness. Make your Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts fun. Build a viral Voters Guide Quiz, helping voters find THEIR best-matched candidates.

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Help voters find their candidates.

No code required. Just enter the questions and candidate stances, and you'll have a voter-candidate matchmaking quiz ready to go.

Align Vote
No code required.
Create a smart, viral matchmaking quiz to help elucidate the difference between candidates.
Your brand, your questions.
You enter the questions you want. Launch your survey and connect candidates with voters!
Easy for Campaigns.
Candidates have a chance to elaborate on answers directly, reaching voters at the time they're deciding.
Cut through the confusion.
Align Vote is all about clarity and stances.
Newsworthy Data.
As voter-candidate matches come in, the data makes for great press updates.
Collect Voter Info.
Voters can optionally connect with you for more.

August marks the city council primaries – who should you vote for? You could ask friends, watch debates, read policy proposals… and/or go to the website You’ll take a little quiz about the issues, and it will tell you which candidate is your best bet

Seattle Public Radio


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The perfect plan if you just want to display a voters guide for a few months.

  • 10 voters guides
  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited matches
  • Embeddable widgets
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Private branding and embeddable widgets

  • Up to 100 active voters guides (contact for more)
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  • Embeddable widgets
  • Collect contact info from voters (optional)
  • Custom integrations
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